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Stoner released her debut EP entitled Beat the System in 2011.

Stoner also guest-starred in the television drama series House as a skater.

In 2011 Stoner started working with record producers, songwriters and a vocal coach to change her vocal style from "kiddie-pop" to a more soulful pop vibe with a little alternative edge for her first studio album.

This was her second starring role and, according to an interview that appears on the direct-to-DVD release, she states that this was the first time she has had to appear in every scene in a movie.

In 2008, she sang two songs, "Lost and Found" and "Free Spirit", from the soundtrack of the movie Alice Upside Down, in which she plays the lead role.

Check it: On working with Disney: “Sure, I work for Disney and they’ve been beyond amazing for me. In order to convey the message that you can do anything and you have unlimited potential, you have to live it yourself.

I’ve been able to be on series with them and outside of them. It’s an image to uphold but I don’t feel any pressure, because I naturally want to help people and make an impact. While growing up in Toledo, Stoner attended Maumee Valley Country Day School and studied ballet, tap dance, and jazz dance at the O'Connell's Dance Studio.She also modeled and trained at the Margaret O'Brien Modeling Studio.Her reception in Camp Rock was particularly strong, with various media outlets suggesting it was about time she played a main character role having backed up for other big names such as Will Smith and Eminem.Stoner starred as Alice Mc Kinley in the movie Alice Upside Down, based loosely on the Alice series, particularly The Agony of Alice by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor.They help facilitate that.” On potential boyfriends: “This is like talking to my mom. Therefore, I’m not looking for a boyfriend or expecting one.” On the Alyson Stoner Project: “What [Kevin] said, it was a collaborative effort.She also replaced Hayden Panettiere as the voice of Kairi in Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories and Xion in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.She voiced the character Opal in seasons three and four of The Legend of Korra.Stoner uploaded a video onto her official You Tube page of her final dance rehearsal which introduced other cast members.The same year, Stoner returned to reprise her role as Caitlyn Gellar in Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam, a sequel to Camp Rock.

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