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Albanian dating online

Picturesque national parks, a good climate, sandy coasts and even beautiful women! Perhaps it’s due to the large majority of mixed Albania women.

Never been on the dating site before so thought will give it a go and see what ha..

Dear visitors, we decided to create this site to give Albanians everywhere the chance to communicate among each other.

This is the first Albanian page to provide different servers to connect to, or you could use them all simultaneously.

Also, for our m IRC users we will post all of the necessary commands and their functions.

But of course Albanian women have more to offer than just their beauty. Traditional cuisines usually include meat, rice, yoghurt and beans.

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If you’re lucky enough to go on a date with an Albanian girl then be sure to try out a local restaurant if possible.

I am from Albania, but have lived and been educated in Greece and the US.

I would like to find a Christian partner for serious relationship only.

Although they are relatively a new concept there are now many singles events being held across all of Albania.

Traditional date nights are usually held at popular restaurants and are advertised weeks in advance.

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