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Last week, Strict Julie announced that she would likely receive her first public spanking on February 18. Well, she actually has an array of effective tools for ass destruction; not just a paddle. The Chicago-based master’s graduate got her start in professional BDSM a few years ago.Anyway, this evening Julie posted a comprehensive narrative of her experience. “I thought, well this could be something really fun, and it’s a lot of money, so why not try,” she told Huff Post. As you know, Strict Julie is a Canadian Disciplinarian who lovingly oversees david, her husband, in a domestic discipline relationship.Now, some of you who see this particular scene, or any of the early stuff on the web, might comment on the age of the model being spanked as looking older than a teen.

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Ok, not really spanked, David agreed to one smack on my ass, and then to say something that strongly implies more once he gets me home.

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To get you in the mood, below are some pix I’m re-posting of naughty Nick learning a memorable lesson at Real Male Spankings.

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As always, your comments and feedback are appreciated, and Franco will appreciate your comments, too. Feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below! So I checked out the classic “scene 6” of this “vintage” bun-blazing film entitled “A Good Old-Fashioned Whuppin” from Control-T studios, one of the very first professional production houses to create and market imagery specifically dedicated to the spanking of young guys.

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As always it is captivating, well written, and titillating. She also directs others, on occasion, in their pursuit of personal goals.

I can attest to her diabolical and effective approach to assuring absolute compliance to the agreed upon strategies.

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