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Sincerely Jesse Assistant Organizer I signed up here (even though I live in the UK) just to add that exactly the same thing happened to me.I signed up to a discounted membership offer back in July 2016 and cancelled immediately via the 'Cancel Subscription' bit on their website so that it would not automatically renew.

If you are on spectrum singles and have ever payed them even once than have someone help you to not pay them again unless you want to be on there for the rest of your life.

I love you all and want the best for you and feel free to reply your thoughts even if they go against mine.

I decided not to do dating websites anymore but there was a recurring charge meaning they kept taking money out of my debit card.

I tried to cancel the charge on the website but it wouldn't let me.

I had to get my bank involved to dispute the cost and I just did that today.

If this doesn't work than I'll actually sue them for taking advantage of autistic people. I would highly recommend aspieology if you want to be on a dating site because most features are free and can do a lot on there for free.

In the new design of the site, we took feedback from our community on ways to improve not only the functions within the site, but also make it more aesthetically pleasing to look at and more user friendly.

In the future, we plan on updating the site periodically based on our member's valuable feedback.

I am lucky that I work in finance and have family that work in both IT security (so can trace certain activity on websites) and law (as a back up in case I do have to take them to court), but I appreciate many customers will not be in this position.

Spectrum Singles do appear to be taking advantage of people who are disabled to varying degrees (I consider myself to be at the higher functioning end of the spectrum) and what they are doing is disgusting.

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