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Accommodating diversity for active participation in european elections

Explanations provided here also vacillate between the role of state policies and socio-economic status and the traits of migrant identities, including their religious beliefs.

Therefore, some mobilize to reach religious goals, while others assemble around alternative socio-political targets.

The subsequent chapter investigates the socio-political activity of Muslims during the cartoon controversy in Denmark in terms of both trust in democratic institutions, adherence to basic liberal democratic values, and participation as active citizens.

What determines their success to lobby and pressure for their demands?

And finally, what are their priorities, which they pursue once they engage in politics?

The event thereby fed directly into YEL’s mission and gave the provided the young delegates with the option for direct exchange of European decision makers in the run-up to the elections of the European Parliament.

The event ran under the motto “Ideas for a better Europe” in a political, social and cultural sense.

The next four chapters discuss different cases related to the civic engagement of Muslims.

The first chapter in this section recaps the arguments that Muslims adopt different approaches to their faith, ranging from strict practices to critical attitudes.

Hosted by the European Parliament, thousand of young people from across Europe joined forces to debate security, democratic participation, social exclusion, innovation and sustainability.

YEL delegates had the amazing opportunity to engage with policymakers and high profile speakers across business and civil society and the results were disseminated to the European Parliament.

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