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The locations in and around Belfast were quite incredible, and the sets themselves were so detailed. When we did the execution scene at the top of the mountain, I remember going up to do that, and he was just really in the zone. It was great to see them work, to see their methods.

There are plans underway, and they have to look at scripts at this point in preparation for it, but in general, HBO make a decision once the show goes on the air.

HBO Rep: What I used to find is that people used to like the shows, but wouldn't necessarily know they were HBO, because they're all over different channels [in the UK].

His name is Al Yeganeh, and his first business was called Soup Kitchen International, a little place on West 55th Street where he served up his delicious soups.

No doubt due to the notoriety of his Seinfeld character (Played on the show by actor Larry Thomas), Al has now created a franchise called The Original Soup Man, with locations all around New York and throughout North America.

is so intricate, in fact, that some characters are only glimpsed for a few minutes, at least in the opening pair of episodes we saw before heading off for a series of round-table interviews. Was there any training you had to do before you started filming?

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121 sex chat tv

Despite only getting a brief idea of Alfie Allen and Emilia Clarke's characters beforehand, we enjoyed an entertaining chat about the series' epic storyline and the growing quality of television shows in general...

Most of my family was killed off, apart from my sister and father, and I've been living with the Starks ever since.

Essentially, I'm a hostage, but not really, ‘cause Sean Bean's lovely. Emilia Clarke: I play Daenerys Targaryen, and I'm an exiled princess. I start off as an incredibly submissive creature, who doesn't have her own freewill at all. It's funny, I haven't met many people in England who've read the books, but they're huge in Europe.

They had these little huts outside for the armourers, all these people working on the production. I've been on film sets before, but nothing on that scale.

[laughs] I'm getting back into it now, but over Christmas I stopped. AA: [Conspiratorially] In episode four it pays off.

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