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There are several places that aren't in the same spot as when first mentioned on Seinfeld, but are still in business somewhere in the city, such as the Improv comedy club, the Champagne Video store, and the restaurant Mendy's, where Jerry and fellow comedian Banja argued over whether or not soup counts as a full meal.A Seinfeld tour operates in New York city - It is hosted by Kenny Kramer (The real person that Cosmo Kramer's character is based on).First of all, can you tell us a bit about the characters you play?

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They put so much into each set, it felt like a film set. We came to the shipyard, and saw the studios we'd be working in, and they were huge, in these warehouses.

The first time you see me, I'm being married off to a lord of the horses, Khal Drogo, and it goes from there. [laughs] Like I said, he's the only family she's got, so everything she knows about herself, her family, everything comes from him. HBO are doing so well with DVD sales and stuff that they have a lot of money to put into something like this. So, it's that lack of obligation that gives HBO the freedom to make these kind of shows. Had either of you read the books before you began working on the series?

She has a very creepy relationship with her brother... He was orphaned at a young age, also, and he wants to get back his throne, because he was next in line. Do you think the lines are becoming blurred between film and TV now?

They had these little huts outside for the armourers, all these people working on the production. I've been on film sets before, but nothing on that scale.

[laughs] I'm getting back into it now, but over Christmas I stopped. AA: [Conspiratorially] In episode four it pays off.

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